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WebDynpro is state-of-the-art technology for creating application user interfaces. This course explains the fundamental concepts of how to develop applications based on WebDynpro for ABAP.

In this WEBDYNPRO ABAP Training you will learn with hands on practice, live training and certification help from our Global IT Expert Trainers. NextIT Vision provides you course materials, tutorial, Free demo, Training videos, sample Webdynpro ABAP Interview questions, e-books including tips and tricks.

Get the best WEBDYNPRO ABAP Training and practical lessons, Training Videos by our experts and improve your technical skills.


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WEBDYNPRO ABAP Training process

All the training sessions will be provided by LIVE Online Meeting using WebEx or GoToMeeting, with one-on-one trainer student Interaction in real time.

Also, we provide WEBDYNPRO ABAP pre-recorded High quality real time Webdynpro ABAP training Videos.

About Trainers

Our Trainers are expert in implementation projects and support projects. In the training real time scenarios will be covered which helps the job seeker to handle the projects easily.

Who should join?

  • Fresher
  • Consultants
  • End users
  • IT/Business analysts
  • Project Managers
  • Project team members



Overview of  WebDynpro

  • WD4A Vs WD4J
  • Component Architecture & Entities
  • Views , Windows ,Interface Views ,Component Controller , Application
  • Relation b/w Component Entities
  • Data Binding
  • Plugs at View level & Plugs at Window Level
  • Inbound Plugs & Outbound Plugs
  • Navigation Link
  • View Assembly / Nested Views / Navigation b/w views
  • Default View Component
  • Multiple windows
  • Context Mapping
  • Internal Context Mapping / External Context Mapping
  • WebDynpro Application & Creation of Multiple Applications

Application Execution Cycle

URL Parameters

Settings FQDN

Faceless Components

maintenance Service

Controllers WebDynpro

  • View controller & Window Controller
  • Component Controller & Interface Controller
  • Custom Controller

Services each Controller Hook Methods & Attributes of each Controller

Tools  WebDynpro ABAP

  • Webdynpro Code Wizard & its different options
  • Layout Editor & Working with Layouts

Different layouts

  • Flow Layout & Grid Layout & Matrix Layout & Row Layout

Introduction to UI Elements

  • Caption, Page Header, Input Fields ,Text Views , Text Edit ,Check box, Radio Buttons / Buttons ,Button Rows , Image , Table , Message Area , Group , Transparent Container ,Tray , View Container UI Element ,List Box
  • Drop down by Index , Drop down by key ,Radio Button By Index , Radio ButtonByKey

Design Time Context

  • Understanding the Meaning of Node & Element
  • Working with multiple Nodes & Attributes
  • Working with properties of Nodes & /or Attributes

Role Data Binding

  • Binding the UI elements to Nodes & /or Attributes

Kind of methods Controllers

  • Normal Methods
  • Event Handler Methods
  • Supply Functions

Working Multiple Views

  • Nested views
  • Navigation b/w Views
  • Plugs Inbound and Outbound Plugs
  • Navigation Link
  • Firing Outbound Plugs
  • Significance Inbound Plug EventHandlerMethod

Managing View Lifetime

  • When Visible
  • Framework Controlled

MIME objects

Role & Significance of Properties Node

  • Cardinality
  • Selection

Table Control

  • Multiple of creating Table
  • Working different table column cells
  • Single row Selection
  • Multi row Selection

Dynamic Programming

  • Managing UI element properties in runtime
  • Binding the internal table to Node
  • elements under a Node in runtime
  • Removing elements under Node in runtime

Data Transfer Techniques b/w the Views Component Controller

  • Significance Component Controller
  • Hook Methods & Attributes Component Controller
  • Context Mapping
  • Used Controllers

Message Manager

  • Generation of Messages
  • Report Messages Success / Warning / Error Messages
  • Defining own Message Area
  • Changing the message options in WD application level

Implementing Service Call (BAPI & RFC Calls)

Calling smart forms in Applicatio

Implementing Supply Function

Advanced Concepts WebDynpro ABAP

  • Window Controller & Window Plugs
  • Significance DEFAULT Plug
  • Inbound Plugs Window Controller
  • Start Up Plug & Standard Plug & Resume Plug
  • Outbound Plugs Window Controller
  • Exit Plug & Standard Plug & Suspend

Custom Controller

  • Custom Controller
  • Working Custom Controller

Popup Windows

  • Popup Messages
  • Data Sharing b/w views & popup windows


Online Text Repository (OTR)

Concept of iViews & Integration into Portal (Theory

Portal Integration)

Introduction to WebDynpro Application Configuration

Introduction to WebDynpro Application Personalization

Introduction to WebDynpro Component Configuration

Tree Structure – Tree UI Element

Implementing Roadmap UI element 3 to 4 steps

Role of Component Interface

Cross Component Programming

  • Component Usage
  • Sharing the Context across components
  • Sharing the Views or Visibility across components

Implementing ALVs

  • Implementing ALV without configuration Model In the ALV View Separate View
  • Implementing ALV with Configuration Model In the ALV View In the Separate View

Features of Editable ALVs

  • Totals / Subtotals ALVs
  • ALV with different Cell Editors (Link to Action, Buttons) ALV with different Events (Hotspot, OnClick)
  • Working with Select Options
  • Enhancements WebDynpro Components — View & Context & Methods


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    The Environment that is Provided for the training to the Students is the Best in All.

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    This is my first training and I got the theorEtical knowledge, but the Practical Experiments are less than I Wanted from them. Otherwise It is the Good training which I Got from nextit vision Training Company.

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    For anyone Who Needs SAP WEBDYNPRO ABAP course Training Please Join here You will have a Good Experience.

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    Here in NextIT Vision Training Company s They are Sticking to Their Schedule Which is Really Easy for Me to Complete The SAP WEBDYNPRO ABAP Course.

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    Just wanted to Thank you for Nextit vision Teaching this SAP Webdynpro ABAP Course in such an easy and Great way.Must Appreciate that You have a Great Teaching skills.Again Thank You for Making Things so Easy and Available for us.I would Love to Take other Courses of Your’s in Future and Learn more Things from You.

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    I Joined SAP Webdynpro ABAP Online Training in nextit vision Training Company and it was Very Useful and I Got to Know the In-Depth Knowledge of the SAP Webdynpro ABAP Online Training.

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    I like the instructor of NextIT Vision. It was a great pleasure having her as my instructor. ERP/SAP Webdynpro ABAP Trainer is knowledgeable and helpful when the students have questions. I would recommend anyone to take Online Webdynpro ABAP Training Class.

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    I did my Webdynpro ABAP Training course in Nextit Vision and that was a really Very Good Experience in knowing about this Technology, the Trainer was Very Professional in Teaching and explained all the concepts very well.

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    The way the session was good and Training material is also good, Trainer is able to answer all our questions and also he is good is giving live example which makes the lessons easy to understand.

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