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MM Training is a functional module that belongs to SAP AG that is used for Procurement Handling and Inventory Management. SAP MM is one the largest functional module in SAP.IN THIS SAP MM ONLINE TRAINING –

you will learn with hands on practice, live training and certification help from our global sap expert trainers. nextitvision provides you course materials, tutorial, Free demo, Training videos, sample SAP Interview questions, e-books including tips and tricks.

Get the best SAP MM online Training and practical lessons, SAP Training Videos by our experts and improve your technical skills.


  • Live Online Interactive training by Certified experts
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  • High Quality pre-recorded MM Training videos
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MM Online Training process

All the training sessions will be provided by LIVE Online Meeting using WebEx or GoToMeeting, with one-on-one trainer student Interaction in real time.

Also, we provide MM pre-recorded High quality real time training Videos.

About MM Online Trainers

Our Trainers are expert in implementation projects and support projects. In the training real time scenarios will be covered which helps the job seeker to handle the projects easily.

Who should join MM Course?

  • Fresher
  • Consultants
  • End users
  • IT/Business analysts
  • Project Managers
  • Project team members


MM Training Course Content

Introduction to Materials Management, ERP, SAP R/3 & SAP MM
  • SAP MM Basic Concepts
  • Overview of SAP MM
  • integration with other modules in SAP
Enterprise Structure
  • Definition and assignment of organization elements-Plant, Storage location,
    organization and purchase group-Relation between organization elements
    (Organization Structure).
SAP MM Master Data
  • Importance of master data in purchasing
  • Material Type – Types of Material Type, impact and control functions of material
    master, number range, price control, value and quantity updating and type of
  • Material groups
  • Material Master-Creation, change and delete Material master.
  • Vendor Account Group: impact and control functions of Vendor master,
    number ranges, one time vendor.
  • Vendor Master-Creation, change and delete Vendor master
  • Service master- Creation, change and delete Service master
  • Batch Management

  • Document type, item category and account assignment category.
  • Mater Data in Purchasing – Purchase Info Records and Source lists.
  • Handling Purchasing Documents- Purchase Requisitions, RFQs, Quotations and
    Purchase Orders in SAP
  • Source determination, source of supply
  • Outline agreements- Contracts and Schedule Agreements
  • Procurement of stock, consumable, assets (Capital) items and external services
  • Procurement of Special Stock – Stock transfer, Subcontracting, Pipeline
    and Consignment items
  • Stock Transport Order, Subcontracting order and Consignment Purchase Orders
  • Automatic purchase orders
  • Output Determination of Purchasing Documents – Handling messages
    (output control).
  • Release (Approval) Procedure of Purchasing Documents-with classification, class,
    characteristics, release group, release code, release indicator and release strategy
  • Pricing procedures in Purchasing –Price determination, Condition Types,
    Access Sequence, Calculation schema, schema determination
  • Partner Functions- Main Vendor, Invoice party, Ordering Agency and Goods Supplier

Inventory Management
  • Goods Receipts, goods issues, transfer postings and stock transfers, material
    documents and accounting documents, Reservations, stock types, message
  • Movement Types
  • Special Stocks – Subcontracting, consignment, Returnable Transport Packing
    and Pipeline
  • Stock Transfer/Transport- one step, two step, with stock transport order,
    with and with outSD route and with billing
  • Physical Inventory- physical inventory procedure, cycle counting, inventory sampling.
Valuation and Account Determination
  • Material Valuation, Split valuation, Value and quantity updating, chart of accounts
    valuation area, valuation control, valuation grouping code, valuation classes,
    account category reference, account grouping for movement types, configuration
    of automatic postings
SAP MM Logistics Invoice Verification
  • Incoming Invoice-Invoice Verification, Logistics Invoice verification,Posting an
    Invoice- with reference to purchase order, goods receipt and account assignment
    and blanket purchase orders, account movements, price control, enter, post taxes and
    discounts, invoice parking, invoice block-Types of variance, price variance, quantity
    variance, blocking due to quality, blocking, due to amount tolerances, blocking manually,
    stochastic blocking.
  • Handling planned and unplanned delivery costs.
  • Subsequent debits/credits. Credit memo and reversing invoices in
    invoice verification
  • Invoice Reduction, Consignment and pipeline settlements, ERS
  • Message determination

External Service Management
  • Procurement of external services, service master, service specification, standard
    service catalogs, service entry sheets.
  • Consumption based Planning
  • Basics, BOM, MRP Data in Material Master, lot-size calculation, MRP procedure
    Consumption Based Planning, reorder point planning-manual, automatic, and
    MRP types.
  • Vendor Evaluation


Reporting in SAP MM training
  • Purpose, selection criteria, output format, SAP standard and customized reports
  • CIN (Country India Version)
  • Tax procedures-formula based procedure, condition based procedures, excise
    registers, excise groups, serial groups, plant and company code settings, chapter IDs,
    Tax codes, Master data maintenance.
  • Ware House Management
  • Introduction, overview of WM, basic functions, stock management, organization,
    definition and assignment of warehouse, storage types, storage sections, and
    storage bins.
  • Transfer requirements, transfer orders, put away, picking scenarios, transfer of
    stock with in bins and bin to bin.
  • Real Time/Project Training
  • Real time scenarios
  • Complexities faced in the implementation
  • Support Tickets or Real time Errors
  • Questionnaire
  • CV Preparation

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    I have undergone SAP MM Course training from nextit vision Training Company and their Training is very awesome.I would like to share this as I found the Training helped me in my Career.

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    I done SAP MM Course from Nextit Vision training Company . Really very good ERP/SAP Training Company. Company Members are Well Behaved and Very Helpful.

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    There is Change in my Career as I have done this MM course Training from NextIT Vision Training Company , they have taken me to Next Level.

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    Trainers are Good. They are Supporting Very Well

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    I Got the Best Support from Every Facility in NextIT Vision Training Center ,This is One of Best Quality Online ERP/SAP Training Company.

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    Its Really a Very Nice Online ERP/SAP Training Company. The Faculty is Very Nice. They have Highly Qualified Faculties who Online ERP/SAP Teaches very well.

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    I Thank the Professionals Who have Trained Me in Having a Wonderful Opportunity in Completing my SAP MM Certification Training.

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    MM Online Training class was pretty good. I had previously tried taking the course with another company and regretted the experience. The instructor from Learn MM Training was very knowledgeable – an actual consultant. He drew on work experience to teach and make it understandable to supply-chain and non supply-chain students. ”

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    Recently I learned about MM Online Training at Nextit vision, my MM Trainer’s way of teaching was professional and they covered the latest syllabus of this course.

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